A wealth of experience in design, construction, and evaluation has made us acutely aware of what it takes to complete a project successfully. Sufficient plans and specifications, tight controls and procedures, timely responses to requests for clarification and rapid resolution of critical issues help protect an owner's interests in capital projects. We provide an independent, objective assessment of scheduling, cost, and quality issues before they become costly problems. Bricks, Inc. Project Management services are available at any phase of a project, regardless of its duration or intricacy.


Bricks, Inc. Pre-construction Department is a team of dedicated, trained professionals who seek out creative solutions to solve today's building challenges. We work collaboratively with our clients and design teams. Our pre-construction services give clients the best possible start to their project. We determine how the project will be delivered using our understanding of the entire construction process. Working hand-in-hand with developers and end-users through the concept or feasibility stages we provide strategic and project planning, risk assessment, value management and engineering, and programming services. We consider the key logistics issues for the project, the most appropriate phasing of work, design management issues, temporary works solutions, and the procurement strategy. In many ways this service is the most value-adding stage in the development of any scheme.


A well-prepared plan is only as good as its implementation. Bricks, Inc. understands the relationship between the overall success of a project and competent implementation of a project plan. We focus on completing projects that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, while minimizing construction impacts and delivering the highest quality work. Clients trust their crucial implementations to the Bricks, Inc. We maintain a full-time staff of construction managers, inspectors, and support staff who provide you with the comprehensive services you require. 


Bricks, Inc. is a full-service general contractor that provides a full suite of services to fit the needs of each project. We perform preconstruction, construction and post-construction services, and will bring your project to reality on time and on budget. The ever-changing nature of the building industry has prompted Bricks, Inc. to become involved in fast-track and phased construction, thus positioning ourselves as a Prime Contractor. This has allowed Bricks, Inc. to earn an excellent reputation in the areas of project management, scheduling and coordination. Bricks, Inc. works as a team in every phase of the construction process, from commercial bidding and contract negotiations to the final inspection of the completed project. Our staff of construction specialists has at its core a level of dedication that is second to none, and this is evident in every project we undertake.

Experience has given Bricks, Inc. the opportunity to offer our clients a vast portfolio of assets. Application of the science and art of estimating is a vital part of our expertise and is a prime factor in the high percentage of contracts awarded to Bricks, Inc. over the past five years.

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