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Although classified as a Small Business Concern, Bricks, Inc., a Tennessee Based general contracting firm offers a tremendous wealth of experience in commercial and industrial building, including private and governmental contracts ranging up to $20,000,000.

The ever changing nature of the building industry has deemed that Brick, Inc. become involved in fast-track and phased construction, thus allowing the Corporation to position itself as a Prime Contractor. This opportunity has allowed Bricks, Inc. to earn a respect among its clients in the field of project management, scheduling and coordination.

The financial leverage of Bricks, Inc. is sound. Experience has given Bricks, Inc. the opportunity to offer the construction industry a pyramid of assets. Application of the science and art of estimating is considered to be a vital part of our expertise and a direct result of the high percentage of construction contracts awarded to Bricks, Inc. in the past five years.

A continuous bonding line has been maintained by Bricks, Inc. in excess of $10,000,000 which speaks well of the growth and success of this firm- from it’s first major bonding of $400,000 in 1968. A line of credit in the amount of $300,000 is maintained by Bricks at all times.

Bricks, Inc. works as a team in every phase of the construction process- from competitive bidding, contract negotiations, to the final inspection of the completed project. Our staff of construction specialist have instilled within themselves a level of dedication that is second to none.

We want our clients to be a satisfied customer and will focus the energies of our professionals to work hard towards that goal. The Bricks Team operates under a strict rule of P-R-I-D-E- spelled out - Professionalism, Results, Integrity, Determination and Espirit De Corps. Our adherence to this rule has spelled out a level of success of which we are grateful and determined to maintain and exceed.

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